Managing safe, sustainable, and profitable poultry production

Since poultry is one of the most widely consumed sources of animal protein worldwide, livestock poultry plays a vital role in global food production. However, poultry production comes with challenges in almost every phase, so it is important to understand the tools available to help you optimise its full potential. 

Feed safety & quality

The nutritional quality, safety and delivery of feed in the optimal form are crucial to supporting a healthy and regulated feed intake. Equally important is ensuring excellent microbial and chemical quality in water, representing the largest component of the layer’s consumption. Water plays a key role in egg composition, thermoregulation and as a carrier for additives.

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Health and performance

Poultry health is essential, not only for the birds' productivity, but also for the safety and quality of poultry products for human consumption. Maintaining good health requires a proactive and comprehensive approach which includes preventive measures, early detection, and timely intervention when necessary. In recent years, we've seen an increasing focus on improving the welfare of poultry. Maintaining animal health and high standards of welfare not only promotes the ethical treatment of birds but also contributes to the production of safe, high quality and sustainable poultry products for consumers.

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Mineral utilisation

Poultry products are recognised as some of the most environmentally efficient livestock products in terms of carbon footprint and resource depletion – and demand for poultry will continue to grow. However, feed costs can amount to 70% of overall production costs and animal diets contribute between 40-80% of the total emissions of animal-based food production. This is why, at Selko, we have developed solutions that enable poultry to be resilient, efficient and sustainable.

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ICPIH 2024

We are excited to announce that we are the Titanium sponsor for the upcoming International Conference on Poultry Intestinal Health (ICPIH). The event will take place in Manila, Philippines from 17th to 19th April 2024.

Our team of experts in the poultry industry will be sharing the latest studies, findings, and perspectives with you. We are eagerly looking forward to meeting you in person and exchanging knowledge and insights. See you next year!

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