Trace Mineral Optimisation Programme

Trace minerals are an essential part of the animal diet in order to optimise health, wellbeing, and performance. However, many commercially available sources are highly soluble and reactive, causing them to be excreted, rather than absorbed by the animal. 

The majority of commercial feeds contain some form of supplementary trace mineral. Raw materials within the feed often do not contain enough to fulfill the animal’s nutritional requirement of animals even though proper preservation and feed safety measures are in place to preserve nutrients. It is important to consider the type of trace mineral supplemented in the feed, as not all sources are the same looking at availability for the animal. This availability has an impact on performance, well-being as well as on their impact on sustainability.  

Calculate CO2 footprint of your feed’s minerals with Selko® IntelliBond®

Your benefits

  • Performance: Consistent results
    Species-specific solutions to optimize trace mineral status and productivity. Validated by >200 research trials!
  • Profit: Maximizing ROI by optimising production
    20+ years of continued success delivering optimal performance and profitability!
  • Well-being: Supporting essential physiological functions
    Our programme consistently provides the right amount of the right mineral at the right time to optimize animal well-being.
  • Convenience:
    All solutions are accurately formulated, delivering the right and consistent amount of micro‑ingredients.
  • Sustainability: Precision nutrition supports environmental compliance
    Our programme supports increased trace metal absorption while minimizing environment excretion.

Our trace mineral programme abilities

  • Stability: Many trace mineral sources can reduce feed quality, due to their reactivity, for example, degrading vitamins or binding to nutrients. Our solutions are stable and do not interact with antagonists in the feed.
  • Palatability: Animals prefer the taste of IntelliBond over sulphates. Due to the stability of IntelliBond less ionic metal is present in the feed making the feed taste less metallic. Taste aversion to ionic metal appears to occur in Cu, Mn, and Zn, as each had an effect on animal preferential intake when examined separately.
  • Solubility: Our trace mineral sources like IntelliBond, Optimin and IntelliOpt have low solubility, avoiding negative interactions in the upper digestive tract and the rumen. They are more soluble in a low pH environment allowing a slower, more stable release throughout the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Bioavailability: The strong bonds and unique chemical structure that our solutions have increase trace metal absorption from the intestinal tract and into the blood system.
  • Digestibility: Especially animals fed copper sulphate, zinc sulphate, and manganese sulphate have lower NDF digestibility compared to animals fed a ration containing lntelliBond trace minerals at iso-metal levels.
  • Traceability: All our solutions are handled with the greatest care. History of a production lot includes identifying the origin of raw materials, the processing conditions of the production lot, results of raw material and final product test analysis, source and origin of packaging, and the customers to whom the production lot was distributed.

The science behind it

To confirm the efficacy of our trace mineral programme, our validation team has conducted more than 200 scientific studies. All done in close collaboration with leading universities, institutes, opinion leaders, and key customers in their respective regions and countries. The benefits of our extensive global, local and practical research translate to providing science-based, value-added new concepts and existing programmes to customers involved in raising poultry, swine, ruminant, aqua, and companion animals. Solutions that provide efficacy and profitability to our customers worldwide.

Calculating CO2 footprint of your feed’s minerals with Selko® IntelliBond®

Progressive feed compounders and premixers are being asked by their customers to provide the total carbon footprint of the feeds / premixes they are manufacturing. 

The Selko® IntelliBond® family of trace minerals is the first source of improved trace mineral nutrition to provide an independent verification for the total CO2eq values of its products. 

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Reducing the carbon footprint of a dairy farm without increasing cost of milk production. 

Dairy farmers and feed producers have been taking their responsibility in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG). Over the past five decades, the sector has lowered its impact by 45%. Despite these improvements, additional efforts will be required to reach industry goals that will require an additional cut in the cow's carbon footprint of 20-25% by 2030.

A life cycle assessment of Selko IntelliBond has shown that it can reduce the carbon footprint of a dairy farm while reducing the cost per kg of milk produced. 

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