Making sustainable dairy farming more profitable

To sustainably provide nourishment for the continuously growing global population, it is imperative to fully utilize the production potential of every animal on a farm. Within the realm of dairy farming, there is a requirement to increase milk production while minimizing resource consumption, with the aim of diminishing the environmental impact.

How sustainable dairy farming future-proofs farms

Maintaining the well-being of dairy cattle is crucial for ensuring the sustainability and profitability of dairy farming. Explore optimal approaches for promoting sustainable practices in the realm of dairy farming.

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How much milk does a cow produce during her life?

The answer to the question: “how much milk does a cow produce during her life?” differs enormously between countries. The amount of milk per year a dairy cow on average produces varies enormously by country, whereas the variation in the average number of lactations is relatively small. This makes it very hard to compare dairy cow average milk production.

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Transition Management

Achieving a successful transition necessitates three fundamental adjustments, which are interconnected. The Selko program presents a comprehensive strategy encompassing these three adjustments, effectively addressing the challenges cows encounter while transitioning to lactation.

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Dairy Performance

Enhancing the Lifetime Daily Yield involves augmenting milk production per lactation. When dairy cows attain their highest production levels within 50 to 70 days after calving, it can be inferred that they are achieving the utmost production attainable based on their genetic capacity for milk yield.

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Health and Fertility

Effectively addressing the challenges cows encounter during the transition phase will significantly enhance fertility outcomes and diminish the need for involuntary culling. Moreover, by consistently monitoring essential fertility indicators and translating the insights gained into targeted measures, it's possible to achieve further enhancements in dairy herd fertility.

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