Phytogenic Solutions

What are phytogenics?

Phytogenics are bioactive components that function as defence mechanisms or signalling compounds within plants. Due to co-evolution, phytogenics can have physiological effects on animals by acting upon molecular receptors along the gastrointestinal tract.

These receptors are present across species and are functionally important; when activated, they modulate animal immunity, physiology, metabolism and other functions.  When used at the right dosage, phytogenics can be deployed as management tools to support the animal in combating many of the challenges faced in livestock production systems.

Looking at phytogenics through a different lens

Phytogenics were introduced into animal nutrition decades ago with a specific target: to find alternatives for the use of antibiotics to support livestock performance. Due to that narrow lens, phytogenics – specifically essential oils – were screened for antimicrobial properties and selected for their ability to kill relevant pathogenic bacteria. However, even though some phytogenics may have antimicrobial activity in vitro, at the in-feed inclusion levels commonly used, they have little to no antimicrobial effect.

This is why, instead of focusing on a narrow, oversimplified, “silver-bullet” approach, Selko works on science-based phytogenic solutions that support a host’s natural defence mechanisms and robust physiological functions, in all kinds of conditions.

Quality without compromise

Selko's in-house experts have cutting-edge knowledge on phytopharmacology, medicinal plants, cultivation, and supply chain, and are continuously working on discovery and development of novel phytogenic solutions. Gaining insights into the mechanistic effects of medicinal plants on animals is central to this process.

Our unique approach and knowledge of plant anatomy, physiology and physiochemistry yield the most efficient formulas. In addition, every batch is subjected to rigorous quality control to ensure consistent active content and efficacy. Within our Centre for Medicinal Plant Solutions, we control the entire supply chain, from bioassays, hybrid selection and cultivation to experimental plots and supply chain.

Committed to the phytogenic space

Selko has made a long-term commitment to developing the phytogenic space by attracting world-class in-house expertise and strategic partnerships. We strongly believe that the field of phytogenics is underdeveloped, but yet represents an important tool to help nutritionists and veterinarians support the health and welfare of animals, improving productivity and efficiency. Our phytogenic products:

  • Offer targeted solutions for relevant industry problems.
  • Contain bioactives with a known and scientifically proven mode of action.
  • Are supported by a strong dossier of relevant commercial trials in the target species.
  • Are science-based with an attractive return on investment.