ICPIH 2024

In-Person Event

17/04/2024 - 19/04/2024

Manila, Philippines

We are excited to announce that we are the Titanium sponsor for the upcoming International Conference on Poultry Intestinal Health (ICPIH). The event will take place in Manila, Philippines from 17th to 19th April 2024.

Our team of experts in the poultry industry will be sharing the latest studies, findings, and perspectives with you. We are eagerly looking forward to meeting you in person and exchanging knowledge and insights. See you next year!

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Practical Information

Date: 17 - 19 April 

Location: Insular Life Tanghalang Haribon, Manila, Philippines 

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New studies 

Read more below about our range of studies presented during ICPIH

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Leading up to ICPIH, we will host a special event with focus topic on Salmonella on 16 April. Contact your reps to join this event.

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Our solutions

Explore our innovative solutions addressing health, performance, and sustainability challenges & meet our experts at booth #5

Recent poultry studies in tackling your challenges

Research posters featuring Selko studies will provide valuable insights into key challenges facing the poultry industry, such as Salmonella control, mycotoxin defense, and antibiotic reduction. Below is a sneak peek of Selko posters showcased at the bi-annual ICPIH. 


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TOXO: Protecting animal performance from exposure to multi-mycotoxin contamination.

Selko's TOXO products offer a comprehensive solution to combat a wide range of mycotoxins. With their three primary modes of action, they are tailored to promote animal health and performance when facing mycotoxin challenges. 

An investigation with 360 laying hens examined how feed additives for mycotoxin mitigation can minimize adverse gut health impacts in birds exposed to dietary mycotoxins.

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Selko AlpHa: is a synergistic blend of organic acids which are partially buffered and reduces the pH of water. 

Selko AlpHa supports the digestion of feed ingredients by reducing the pH in the stomach. 

A study involving 308 broiler chickens evaluated the efficacy of a water acidifier, Selko®-AlpHa, compared with the efficacy of antibiotics on growth performance, gut health factors, and economics.

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Presan-FY: Improves gut health and production in poultry 

Presan is a synergistic blend of short chain fatty acids (SCFAs), medium chain fatty acids (MCFAs), slow release organic acids and a
phytogenic compound which has demonstrated benefits in trials and commercial antibiotic growth promoter (AGP)-free broiler production systems.

This new study involving 396 broiler chickens examined the effects on growth performance for birds fed diets including Presan® FY. Birds in the study were also challenged with Salmonella infantis. 

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Effect of a synergistic blend of organic acids and high copper usage on performance and egg quality during the early phase of laying

A study involving 400 laying hens, compared the effects of diets that included in-feed antibiotics and diets incorporating a blend of free and buffered short-chain with medium-chain fatty acids (Selacid® Green Growth) in combination with copper hydroxychloride (IntelliBond® C).

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