Nutritional balance by osmoregulation

High-performing animals have high nutritional demands to maintain healthy and optimal growth. Selko Feed Additives offers TNIBetain to support animal performance via metabolic processes. TNIBetain has been evaluated extensively and complies with high-quality standards of a Selko Feed Additives


  • Improves intestinal health
  • Improves production efficiency


  • Species specific formulas
  • Different application forms
betain chemical structure
TNIBetain has two important functions in animal nutrition as an osmolyte and as a methyl donor via transmethylation. Therefore, Betain can support in improving and achieving a more consistent bird performance through enhanced osmoprotection particularly during periods of health challenges and heat stress. Besides, Betain can help reduce feed costs through sparing of supplemental dietary methionine and choline while maintaining bird performance.
TNIBetain has a dipolar structure and charges neutrality which allows it to readily form hydrogen bonds with water. Getting easily absorbed, TNIBetain can effectively increase the osmotic concentration within cells leading to the maintenance of enzymes and protein structures within cells and remaining unaffected during osmotic challenges. TNIBetain reduces energy expenditure for maintaining cell metabolism by creating a more efficient water balance in cells. This means that more energy can be used for extra growth.

A different Betain for every situation

Betain Natural dry 96
Betain Natural Liquid
Betain Synthetic Anhydraous
Betain Natural dry 91
Betain HCL
User-friendly, Easy mixing, non-corrosive, free-flowing, low dust
Liquid product, User-friendly, Easy mixing, Non-corrosive
Dry product, User-friendly, Easy mixing, Less corrosive, Free-flowing, Low dust
Dry product, User-friendly, Easy mixing, Non-corrosive, Free-flowing, low dust
Dry product, Consists of ~23% HCL, pH 1 -1,5, Corrosive

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