FeedTechnoVision 2024

Hybrid event

11/03/2024 - 12/03/2024

Bangkok, Thailand

Sustainable feed milling - Are we ready?

On 11 and 12 March 2024, Selko and Trouw Nutrition welcomed the feed industry to FeedTechnoVision, hosted in Bangkok, Thailand and available for in-person attendance or online, live, all over the globe. We shared valuable insights to improve feed milling efficiency and sustainability by industry-leading guest speakers.



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Broadcasted recordings

During FeedTechnoVision, we recorded the hybrid sessions, that were broadcasted globally. In this library you can find the recordings of the live sessions. Interested in the presentations? You are welcome to download these for free in the section below the video library. 

Opening remarks - Mr. Gijs Theunissen DVM, The Dutch Agricultural Counsellor

Optimizing feed mill efficiency for maximum performance- Mr. Ernst Nef

Importance of Feed Safety - Marcos Rostagno

Digitalization and AI in Feed Milling - Mr. Yiannis Christodoulou

Unveiling the role of unicellular organisms - Dr. Dejan Miladinovic

Drying aqua feed for high nutritional quality - Mr. Michel Pereira

The power of AI in aqua feed milling - Dr. Dejan Miladinovic

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Over two days, FeedTechnoVision presented insights from various esteemed industry experts. Our guest speakers provided practical information and valuable data on topics such as milling efficiency, steam conditioning, AI revolution, feed hygiene, and future perspectves on both livestock and aqua feed processing. Overall, the event was themed 'Sustainable feed milling: Are we ready?'. A question that was answered through interactive presentations and lively panel discussions. 

To continue the learning process for our attendees, we are offering a free download of all presentations. 

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Livestock day photo gallery

We enjoyed a great atmosphere and lively interaction. Get an impression of FeedTechnoVision in the image gallery.

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