Revalet is a broad range of products based on synergistic blends of organic acids and surfactants formulated to reduce yeasts, moulds and Enterobacteria in by-products. The objective is to extend the shelf life of co-products and preserve the nutritional value, creating a high quality raw material which can be used for animal feed.

Product application

Revalet is Selko’s feed additive solution which can be applied in-line when by-products are leaving the production process, before entering the storage tanks. 

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  • Reduces microbial load and maintains dry matter levels
  • Maintains nutritional value of by-products
  • Helps reaching your sustainability goals by upcycling by-products for feed production


  • Synergystic blend of buffered and non-buffered organic acids
  • Yeast cell wall destabilizing agents
  • Surfactants for better dispersion and penetration of active ingredients
"With Revalet, Selko offers us a natural solution to preserve the spent yeast, creating opportunities to make this product available for animal feed in many countries.”
Heineken Global Supply Chain

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