Fyvalet is a broad range of products based on synergistic blends of organic acids and surfactants formulated to reduce yeasts, moulds and enterobacteria in by-products. The objective is to extend the shelf life of by-products and preserve the nutritional value, creating a high quality raw material which can be used for animal feed.

The Fyvalet portfolio also contains effective solutions for preservation of silages such as TMR, CCM, gass and clover. 

Product application

The product portfolio consists of several potent solutions to tackle microbial risks such as yeasts, moulds and bacteria. Various applications have proven to support farmers and home mixers in preserving silage and liquid feed.

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  • Reduces microbial load and maintains dry matter levels
  • Maintains nutritional value and palatability of feed materials
  • Prevent scolding and underdevelopment of lactic acid bacteria in silages


  • Synergystic blend of buffered and non-buffered organic acids
  • Yeast cell wall destabilizing agents
  • Surfactants for better dispersion and penetration of active ingredients

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