Fysal® Fit-4

Fysal Fit-4 is a core product within the Salmonella Control programme, an integrated and customized solution that aims at controlling the transmission of foodborne pathogens in the feed-to-food production chain.

Fysal Fit-4 is a multifunctional feed additive blend that supports the gut-associated host defence mechanisms. It is a perfect tool to support compliance with local and international food safety standards as well as customer requirements, essential to staying in the market and maximizing profitability. 

Product application

Fysal Fit-4 should be applied in poultry feed at a recommended inclusion level of 1-3 kg/t. For the optimum inclusion level and integration into a customer-specific-Salmonella control programme, please contact your Selko representative.

Fysal Fit-4-01.png


  • Supporting the natural defense mechanisms in the intestinal tract
  • Reducing Salmonella colonization in the intestinal tract of birds
  • Helping to reduce the risk of Salmonella transmission from bird to bird


  • Powder form
  • To be used for poultry

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