Enterobacteriaceae contamination in feed can threaten animal health. Especially high protein materials, such as soy, corn by-products, and blood and bone meals are susceptible to harmful pathogens, such as Salmonella, E.coli, moulds and yeasts.

The Fysal product range is part of various Selko programmes, aiming to prevent and reduce the presence of microbes that can degrade the nutritional value of feed.  

Product application

Fysal products should be applied in feed ingredients, compound feed or feed residues, in order to reduce the risk of harmful microbes and to prevent (re-)contamination. It can be used both as preventive or corrective action. 

The Fysal range offers multiple products, suited for various steps of the feed production process. Contact your Trouw Nutrition representative to discuss which product is suitable for your situation.

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  • Reduction of (re-)contamination risk of harmful bacteria, moulds and yeasts
  • Improves feed moisture profile and overall pellet quality
  • Improves throughput
  • Long-lasting efficacy due to buffering of organic acids


  • Blend of buffered and non-buffered organic acids and their salts, either in liquid or dry form
  • Inclusion of surfactants (within specific products) for better penetration and dispersion of added moisture
  • Inclusion of Medium Chain Fatty Acids (within specific products) help enterobacteriaceae be more accessible to organic acids
  • Applied through hydrated solution with dedicated dosing equipment

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