Fylax is a synergistic blend of organic acids and surfactants. Organic acids reduce moulds to maintain the nutrient value and prolong the shelf life of raw materials, compound animal feed and pet foods. Moisture management agents act to optimise the distribution of Fylax throughout the feed and increase its water binding capacity. This improves both its anti-mould effect as well as feed mill efficiency.

Fylax Forte-HC contains a patent-pending new technology, called ActiProp®. ActiProp increases the porosity of moulds’ cell walls, while its components exert a destabilising effect on the cell membrane. As this effect supports better accessibility of organic acids, the cell’s internal pH decreases, inhibiting its growth and eventually killing the mould cell. This mode of action is driven by the synergy of four key components delivered in the most effective quantities:

  1. Propionic acid - A highly effective broad-spectrum organic acid that attacks moulds
  2. A buffering agent - This reduces evaporation and the corrosive nature of the propionic acid, enabling a prolonged effect and safer handling
  3. A moisture management agent - This supports better spread and may facilitate the intake of organic acids inside the mould cells
  4. Phytochemicals - These compounds derived from palm splitting have proven high synergy with propionic acid.

Product application

The Fylax product range is available in both liquid and dry forms and can be applied at various locations within the feed production process. From treating raw materials upon arrival at the plant, until application in the mixer, conditioner or at the cooling stage, depending on the specific need of our customers. 

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  • Inhibits mould growth
  • Prolongs shelf-life of raw materials, compound feed and pet food
  • Protects nutritional value
  • Helps retain moisture content and improving production capacity
  • Stable propionic acid recovery of > 95% after extrusion
  • Improves feed mill efficiency, energy savings, and pellet quality


  • Blend of buffered and non-buffered organic acids and their salts
  • Forte range contains ActiProp technology - for deeper moisture penetration and mould cell wall disruption
  • Proven higher efficacy than single or simple blends of organic acids

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