Optimin for Pets


Pet parents want the best food for their pets. They expect the highest quality ingredients to be used in pet food products. At Selko we understand that pet food producers look for high quality products but want a trusted partner as well. For over 20 years pet food companies put their trust in our expertise to blend science, ingredients, and nutrition into exceptional formulas that help produce high quality pet foods.

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Strongest bonds in the industry by mimicking mother nature

Trace minerals are essential for pets to stay healthy, and they play an important role in the well-being, skin and coat health and overall immunity. They are added to diets in relatively low quantities, making it important they are available for absorption. In the challenging environment of the digestive tract, many trace minerals become unstable and may become unavailable. However, Optimin® Organic Trace Minerals have been proven to remain stable throughout the digestive tract. This results in mineral as well as other essential nutrients staying available when pets need them. Backed by over 30 years of scientific research and chemistry, Optimin chelated minerals closely mimic the natural chemistry found in nature, making them the preferred mineral of choice.

Supplemental trace minerals can be delivered in various forms: inorganic oxides, inorganic sulphates, organic complexes, or organic chelates are commonly used. Among these, organic escorts play a crucial role in safeguarding trace minerals during digestion. Simple complexed trace minerals, bonded by a single attachment point, tend to be less stable. In contrast, chelates like Optimin Organic Trace Minerals exhibit greater stability due to at least two attachment points with their organic escorts. This significantly enhances the likelihood that the trace minerals will remain protected. At Selko, we have looked at how Mother Nature controls minerals and mimicked that in our Optimin line. This allows the minerals to remain available to pets until needed, increasing the chances of successful absorption. Not only are they nutritious and high-quality, but they also provide a safe option for pets.

Optimin benefits:

  • Improves product quality and consistency
  • Enables a higher probability of nutritional success
  • Supports health and well-being