Selko IntelliBond C

Selko IntelliBond C (basic copper chloride) represents the latest, most technically advanced trace mineral technology designed to deliver more copper to the animal’s blood stream, support optimised animal health and productivity while remaining cost effective. 

Trace minerals are essential to ensure animal health and optimised productivity by directly supporting tissue integrity, enzymatic processes, growth and productivity requirements, immune competency, etc. Selko IntelliBond C is proven to be an effective source of copper for animals via extensive research evaluations conducted at respected universities and research institutes over the past 20 years. It has very low solubility above a pH of 4.0 resulting in less interaction in the feed/premix and in the upper gastrointestinal tract in poultry and swine. Selko IntelliBond C also delivers more bioactive copper to the lower gastrointestinal (GI) tract where it is utilised, as compared to sulphates thus driving better performance. This means more copper is available for use by the animal where it is needed most.


Highly stable – Does not destroy or tie up essential nutrients in the feed/premix such as vitamins, enzymes, fats, probiotics, etc.

Superior handling – Non-hygroscopic and no clumping, resulting in better mix homogeneity.

Bioavailability– Significantly reduced interaction with feed and or upper GI tract antagonists, along with the gradual release of soluble copper from the crystal matrix, allows for a significant increase in the amount of copper that is available for use by the animal.

Tolerance – The unique chemical / physiological properties of Selko IntelliBond C also make it a safer product to utilise than copper sulphate.

Productivity and bio-efficacy – Increased bioavailability and biological activity throughout the entire intestinal tract supports superior animal well-being while driving optimised animal productivity.

Approved for use in Organic (Ecological) production – Selko IntelliBond C has been listed by OMRI and an approved source of copper supplementation in organically produced animals.


  • Prevents copper deficiencies
  • Boosts fat soluble vitamin stability
  • Supports tissue development and integrity
  • Supports stress resistance
  • Supports hoof and skin integrity
  • Supports optimised immune competency
  • Supports increased weight gain
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