Three steps to improve gut health and performance

The health status of poultry farms has a strong influence on the farm’s financial results. A healthy microbial balance is crucial for optimal feed utilisation and animal performance.  Thanks to its composition and broad spectrum of activity, Selko®-4Health helps to maintain a stable intestinal microbiota. The use of Selko-4Health therefore results in consistently improved technical performance, achieved in three steps.

First step: Effectively reduces water pH

Water is the most crucial nutrient for animals. The synergistic blend of free organic acids in Selko-4Health effectively reduces the pH of water.

Second step: Supports digestion

The synergistic blend of free organic acids in Selko-4Health reduces the pH in the crop and stomach of poultry and swine after ingestion of feed, which improves digestion. The pH reducing effect is particularly important for young animals, as the pH in their stomach is relatively high.

Step 3: Improves microbial balance

Young animals are especially vulnerable at the start of the production phase, when their intestinal flora is still developing. The buffered organic acids and MCFA’s in Selko-4Health help to maintain a stable intestinal microbiota and thereby giving these young animals a good start.


  • Effectively acidifies water
  • Reduces stomach pH after ingestion of feed
  • Supports digestion
  • Improves microbial balance
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