The increasing scarcity of natural resources raises the interest for the use of co-products derived from the food production industry. They have a great nutritional value as they often contain high levels of energy, protein and fats. With the intention to sustainably make use of co-products, it is essential to reduce wasting products. By reducing the microbial contamination, co-products will remain stable for a longer period of time. Additionally, the dry matter content and the nutritional value of the co-product will be maintained for use in animal feed.

Preservation of nutritional value

RevaletĀ® is a range of products based on a synergistic blend of organic acids and surfactants that are formulated to reduce moulds, yeasts and Enterobacteria in co-products. RevaletĀ® Plus helps to maintain the nutritional value and dry matter levels of starch rich co-products. RevaletĀ® Super includes yeast cell wall destabilising agents to enhance the antimicrobial efficacy at low dosage. All products focus on shelf life extension of co-products, creating high quality raw materials which can be used for use in animal feed.


Synergistic mixture of short chain organic acids


  • Reduces yeasts, moulds and Enterobacteria
  • Strong pH lowering potential
  • Leaves Lactobacillus unaffected
  • Extends shelf life of co-products
This is a Selko product