Optimin organic trace minerals are bound to multiple oligo-peptides and amino acids rather than single amino acids. Optimin has been demonstrated to have superior bond strength, and this is maintained at different pH levels. Due to the high quality of ingredients and excellent production process Optimins are easily absorbed by active transport mechanisms, which lowers the risk of mineral deficiencies, oxidative stress or competition between minerals for absorption.

Animal performance is reliant on maintenance of a healthy mineral status. Fertility is one of the most important key parameters for animal performance and consequent producer profit. Numerous metabolic processes affecting fertility are dependent on trace minerals. In poultry, enhancing egg shell quality, laying rate and hatchability are influenced by multiple factors, including trace minerals. Feeding Optimin minerals maintains a healthy mineral status, which is essential for optimal fertility.

The Optimin product line offers a full range of organic trace minerals, developed by animal nutrition experts. OptiminĀ® trace minerals are FAMI-QS certified, meaning quality controls are performed on every batch ensuring quality, safety and performance.


Organic Trace Minerals chelated with peptides and amino acids


  • Prevents mineral deficiencies
  • Supports fertility
  • Sustains longevity
  • Lively Offspring
  • Supports tissue integrity
  • Boosts hair quality and colour
  • High bioavailability


This is a Selko product