Fysal® Feed

Salmonella bacteria may enter the bird via several routes. In the farm, the main causes of transmissions are introduction of new animals, contaminated water and feed systems, farm housing and by insufficient biosecurity. For example, feed may be contaminated during production by using contaminated raw materials.

High buffer capacity

Raw materials like soybean meals and canola (rapeseed) meal are known to be at risk for Salmonella contamination. However, controlling Salmonella is difficult in these materials, given their high buffer capacity. This means high dosages of chemicals are needed for adequate reduction of Salmonella. For example, layer feeds are at risk for Salmonella contamination, as they normally are not pelletized and have a high buffer capacity by the high levels of calcium carbonate.

Fysal Feed is a product formulated to improve Enterobacteria reduction in feeds with a high buffer capacity. The high level of active ingredients in the product works to efficiently reduce buffer capacity while the organic acids combination in the formula reduces Enterobacteria. The result is lower feed and raw material contamination.


Fysal® Feed is a product formulated to reduce Salmonella in feeds with a high buffer capacity.


  • Reduces Salmonella in feed and raw materials
  • Reduces Salmonella in high buffer capacity feeds
This is a Selko product