The small and large intestines are essentially part of the ‘outside world’ for an animal. This means the animals’ immune system is important. Immune cells called macrophages have a crucial role, because they are the first defensive cells on the scene when unwanted microorganisms or molecules try to pass through the gut barrier. Therefore, the activation of macrophages reinforces the animals’ natural defence system.

The β-glucans in Fibosel® can stimulate the macrophages and thereby support the immune system. The effects of Fibosel in piglets, ruminants, poultry and aquaculture are scientifically proven. The β-glucans are especially produced to help (young) animals and support growth and performance.

Bioavailability of β-glucans

The active β-glucans in Fiboselresult from a unique extraction process from yeast cell walls. All yeast cell walls contain glucans, but not all yeast products are alike: only exposed and activated β-glucans can exert immune stimulatory properties. The main purpose of the extraction is to remove yeast mannoprotein because the animal itself cannot digest this layer. In Fibosel this layer has been removed to optimise β-glucans exposure, and consequently their recognition by macrophage receptors.


Premium source of β-glucans


  • Stimulates macrophage activity
  • Boost natural defence system
  • Supports the gut wall’s first line defence
  • Increases growth performance
  • May improve FCR in calves and poultry  
  • May improve the survival rate of fish and shrimp
This is a Selko product