Product Feature: The Effect of Selko®-pH on pig performance

1 June 2019

The effect of organic acids in drinking water on the performance of pigs has been well established, especially in nursery piglets, when the hydrochloric acid (HCl) production is not yet sufficient. A relatively low stomach pH (pH 2-3) is required for the digestion of plant- and animal-derived proteins (other than milk).

Furthermore, immediately after weaning, piglets tend to show a decrease in dry feed consumption. This lack of feed intake is usually compensated by an increase in the consumption of water. Eating and drinking are positively associated, with as a rule of thumb, for 1 kg consumption of feed; pigs will drink 2-3 liter water. Therefore, it is important to increase feed intake in newly weaned piglets in order to maintain growth performance. Selko®-pH is a synergistic blend of free and buffered organic acids, which effectively reduces and keep the pH of drinking water stable. Moreover, Selko®-pH supports the digestion of feed ingredients by reducing the pH in the stomach and supports microbial balance in first part of the small intestine. Overall, it has a positive effect on gut health and performance of pigs. Selko®-pH trials show consistently an increase in feed and water intake, resulting in improved performance.

Water Acidifier


This product feature is published in International Pig Topics, Acidifier Edition, June 2019