More than €11.000 extra profit in swine farm due to drinking feed additive

20 January 2017

A field trial in Europe with Selko-pH showed a significant increase in the economic performance of a pig farm. The increased average daily gain and daily feed intake resulted in an improved feed conversion ratio by 0.09 points.

Following the market needs

In an increasingly competitive market, the pressure to improve economic results grows. Such business goals lead to increasing interest in effective solutions to improve animal performance. Framed in this context Trouw Nutrition set up a trial in the Netherlands. The study was aimed to prove the performance improvement and economic benefits of using a feed additive for fattening pigs.


The performance of two groups were evaluated. One control group and one group of pigs that received a feed additive in water. This additive reduced the stomach pH. This feed additive group clearly improved their performance:

  • 2 days sooner at slaughter weight
  • 2,9% higher slaughter weight compared to the control
  • 2,1% higher average daily feed intake 
  • 6,4% increase in average daily gain  

Read the trial details and why reducing the stomach pH was important

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Translation into economical results

Taking the feeding costs and the difference in the price of the pigs into account, the results showed that the value of the animals in the feed additive group at the end of the trial was higher. This is due to the higher end weight of those pigs. Based on the pig market price, the study showed a 2,66% of additional value compared to the control group.

The additional profit per pig place was also calculated, at €9.36 per pig place/ year. As the length of the growing period to reach slaughter weight for the animals fed the drinking feed additive was two days shorter than the control, the amount of cycles could increase, improving the farm production efficiency. The additional benefit of using the Selko product resulted in more than €11.000 extra per year for the farm.

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