Israel's Of Tov sees success with antibiotic-free broilers

3 June 2019

Written by Barbara Brutsaert 

The country’s third-largest broiler producer has strengthened its market position by adopting antibiotic-free production across its poultry farms.

Israel’s third-largest poultry producer, Of Tov, is raising almost 99% of its broiler fl ocks without antibiotics or coccidiostats, and has accrued several benefi ts from making the change. While not without its diffi culties, switching to antibiotic-free production has seen improved fl ock health and productivity, and a stronger commercial performance, allowing it to claim to be Israel’s largest antibiotic-free poultry meat company.

The transition to rearing birds without anti-biotics was driven by concerns at the very top of the company over the development of antibiotic-resistant bacteria in humans and animals, said company veterinarian Gilad Ayali, continuing that the change is now paying dividends, with feed conversion rates improving by more than 4%, and product resonating with consumers, and demand growing particularly strongly for Of Tov’s higher-value products.

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This article is published on Poultry International - Antibiotic reductions, eliminations pose ongoing challenges, June 2019