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11 May 2016

Asia Pacific Aquaculture Seminar 2016

‘How to apply aqua feed knowledge for better performance and profitability’ was the topic for the seminar Trouw Nutrition Asia-Pacific held for 60 key aqua customers from 5 Asian Pacific countries. Chaired by Nabil Chinniah, General Manager of Trouw Nutrition Indonesia, the seminar took place just before the APA, the Asia-Pacific Aquaculture conference 2016. Nutreco companies Skretting and Trouw Nutrition Asia Pacific presented their views for the future of aquaculture to customers, with a focus on Selko Feed Additives.

audience of APA 2016 Seminar

Creating Value Together for Aquaculture

Attila Honfi, Business Development Aquaculture Selko Feed Additives, opened the seminar with Nutreco’s vision on how nutrition for fish and shrimp can contribute to our mission of Feeding the Future. As a new feature to the assembled customers, Attila explained that Selko feed additives can add value in the entire fish production chain, from feed mill to farmer.

Functional feeds in aquaculture

Alex Obach, Managing Director, Skretting Aquaculture Research Centre focused on a functional diet which has a physiological and biological effect that goes beyond pure nutrition. The topic was divided into three main topics which are recirculation diet, high temperature diet and health diets. “Functional diets hold a tremendous potential to improve productivity in aquaculture, as part of an integrated approach to improve performance and health” Alex said in closing of his presentation.

Early nutrition in aqua

Product Manager Marine Hatchery Feeds Skretting, Eamonn O’Brien discussed about Early Nutrition in Aqua. He explained what early nutrition is and showed its importance, since many species have very delicate digestive systems and constant high quality fish feed is therefore crucial to support young fry. Skretting is equipped to ease the problems of farmers by taking early nutrition to a whole new level; in his presentation Eamonn convinced customers that simplification of the production process is key.

The value of feed additives in aqua feeds

Kai Kühlmann, Technical Manager Trouw Nutrition Asia-Pacific closed the seminar session with his presentation ‘The Value of Feed Additives in Aqua Feeds’. He highlighted aquaculture trends, market challenges and aquaculture solutions in which feed additives play a vital role.

“We have effective strategies to control moulds and mycotoxins by offering both monitoring and product application. For instance, combining Selko Toxo with the Mycomaster rapid mycotoxin analysis tool brings valuable time and costs savings for the customer. Controlling moulds with Selko Fylax in feed mills not only increases production efficiency, it also reduces energy losses. These are just a few examples of how feed additives can add value in the fish production chain.”

panel at seminar

From left to right: Attila Honfi, Alex Obach, Eamonn O’Brien and Kai Kühlmann

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