Antibiotic reduction: Optimal nutrition and functional feed additives crucial

30 May 2016

Trouw Nutrition’s Leo den Hartog presented at Poultry Summit of VIV Europe

During VIV Europe, at the Poultry Summit Europe, Leo den Hartog, Director Trouw Nutrition R&D, and Professor of Sustainable Animal Nutrition in Production Chains at Wageningen University, gave a speech on nutritional strategies to establish a responsible use of antibiotics. The Poultry Summit was attended by around 250 industry leaders from more than 25 countries.

The key message of his presentation was that several conditions are required for the reduction of antibiotics in livestock production. The three pillars for antibiotic reduction at farm level are:

  1. Good farming management & hygiene practices,
  2. To treat only affected animals and
  3. To implement nutritional solutions that support gut health.

Professor Den Hartog emphasized that optimal nutrition is the basis of healthy animal production and functional feed additives can support animal health and growth in antibiotic free production systems. 

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