4-in-1 barrier to Salmonella transmission proves its worth

15 June 2016

Using Selko’s Fysal Fit-4 resulted in best Salmonella reduction while increasing net profit per broiler by up to €0.09


In a recent trial, infected broiler chickens given an innovative treatment called Fysal Fit-4 had a 0.26 log lower caecal count of Salmonella typhimurium and a 0.06 lower FCR than those given 30% coated Na-butyrate. As well as reducing the prevalence of Salmonella in the flock, the use of Fysal Fit-4 resulted in a higher net profit.

Salmonella: a challenge throughout the feed-to-food chain

Salmonella contamination can happen at any stage of the production chain. It has a direct impact not only on animal health and welfare, but also on food safety and public health. The infection is moreover highly contagious, often leading to significant negative effects on growth and productivity throughout the flock. It is therefore one of the most important – but also one of the most difficult – bacteria to eliminate.

Four routes to reducing Salmonella

After identifying four important steps in the Salmonella infection route in poultry, Selko developed a unique feed additive called Fysal Fit-4to tackle this complex problem. The product contains short-chain fatty acids, medium-chain fatty acids, mannobiose and coated butyrate. There are four modes of action: it lowers the viability of Salmonella in feed and crop, reduces the growth of Salmonella in the gut, reduces the risk of adhesion to the mucosal barrier and down-regulates the virulence of the bacteria to reduce the risk of invasion.

Putting Fysal Fit-4 to the test

In 2015, a trial was carried out in Ross 308 broilers in Spain to compare Fysal Fit-4 with two other treatments. One of these was 30% coated Na-Butyrate, the other being a combination of Fysal Fit-4 with another feed additive from the same product range. In addition, a control group was studied. All four groups were proven to be infected with Salmonella typhimurium at the start of the trial.

Lower Salmonella counts; higher profitability

At the sampling point on day 42, all treatments reduced caecal counts of Salmonella typhimurium, with lowest counts for Fysal Fit-4 group: 0.98 compared with 1.06 for the combination treatment group, 1.24 for the coated Na-butyrate group, and 1.58 for the untreated group.  The Fysal Fit-4 treatment resulted in a significantly better FCR (1.56) compared to the other three groups (P<0.05). Furthermore, the Fysal Fit-4 group had a significantly better final weight and daily weight gain compared to the coated Na-butyrate group.

Based on increased performance alone, the Fysal Fit -4 treatment resulted in a 4.2 ROI and a net profit increase of and €0.09 compared to control and €0.08 extra per broiler compared to the coated Na-butyrate treatment.

Supporting Salmonella reduction throughout the supply chain

“We don’t just sell products. We do audits to identify the points where infection is entering the chain, give adjusted advice and then audit again in order to evaluate and adapt our recommendations. This is essential to tackling persistent problems such as Salmonella successfully”, comments Barbara Brutsaert, Global Product Manager at Selko Feed Additives. 

How does Selko Fysal Fit-4 work?

For the full Selko Trial Report, please contact your local Trouw Nutrition representative.

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