39% improvement in economic performance of broilers on AGP free diets

25 April 2016

A university study in Indonesia showed that combining two feed additives was the best strategy to reach the highest performance without using antibiotic growth promoters.


The combined use of two feed additives was tested in a broiler study. The combination of Selko-pH and Presan-FY showed a reduction in feed conversion ratio and improved the performance index. The comparison was done against both, a standard diet with no additives and a diet including antibiotic growth promoters (AGP). 

The study

An in vivo study was performed with 500 Cobb broilers at a University farm in Bogor, Indonesia. The growth conditions were challenging due to high temperature and high humidity.

The birds were subjected to one of five treatments: control, AGP, Selko-pH (via drinking water), Presan-FY (via feed) and Selko-pH + Presan-FY.  The control group was fed a standard diet program, without additives or AGP. The four other treatments were applied in addition to this control diet.

After a 35 day growth period, feed conversion ratio, mortality and body weight gain were determined.

The results

The study showed that all treatments including additives outperformed both, the control and AGP treatment. The combination of Selko-pH and Presan-FY resulted in the best feed conversion ratio.  In other words, those animals who were fed both Selko feed additives were the most efficient in converting feed into meat.

The performance index for broilers was determined by combining performance indicators such as mortality, final body weight and feed conversion ratio. The index was intended to compare the groups in terms of productivity. Which group was most successful in converting feed into body weight gain, with the least number of deaths? The comparison showed that the group receiving a combination of Selko-pH and Presan-FY achieved a 39% higher performance than those fed AGP.  

The products used in the trial

Two Selko additives were tested.  Selko-pH was applied via drinking water and Presan-FY was applied via feed.

Selko-pH stabilizes the pH of drinking water of animals. It supports digestion in the crop and stomach and maintains a healthy microbial balance in the proximal intestine.  Presan-FY boosts the gut barrier function of broilers and may stabilize their microbiota, thereby improving litter quality and foot pad integrity. 

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