About TOXO®

TOXO® offers a complete solution against a broad spectrum of mycotoxins. TOXO combines multiple strategies designed to support animal health and performance during exposure to mycotoxins.


Multiple strategies for optimal performance

The TOXO® portfolio combines multiple strategies designed to support animals in maintaining a good health status during exposure to a broad spectrum of mycotoxins. The multiple strategy consists of four pillars of protection. The pillars of protection have been proven in in vivo and in other studies by science institutes over the world.

The pillars of protection
  • Effective binding of mycotoxins
  • Supporting gut barrier function
  • Stimulating healthy immune system
  • Supporting detoxification mechanisms

TOXO® dosage advice

The Mycomaster reader clearly shows the amount of mycotoxin contamination in the feed material or compound feed. Different species have different specific sensitivity regarding mycotoxins. In the attached tables, the levels of mycotoxins per species are set up as being high, medium or low. A TOXO dosage recommendation is given in relation to the levels of contamination detected. The levels indicated in the species tables are the levels in the final feed, so the levels of contamination detected in raw materials must be converted into final feed levels.