Mycotoxin Risk Management Programme

The health risk that mycotoxins hold for different animal species can vary considerably, affecting the risk of including these raw materials in final feeds.


The key to mycotoxin
risk management

Results from an integrated approach are better than isolated measures. A risk management programme enables feed producers to make decisions based on knowledge and data, and to use Mycotoxin control products more precisely. It also allows them to actively monitor mycotoxin risk, raising confidence in their products.

The benefits
  • Improved feed quality
  • Smarter selection of raw material supplier
  • Better control of mycotoxin levels
  • Reduced production cost
  • Improved profitability & performance on farm
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"The programme combines knowledge, services and products into a customised solution."


A programme that helps being in control and securing feed quality

The Mycotoxin Risk Management Programme is based in three main strategies:
  • Risk identification & assessment
  • Risk control
  • Risk control review