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A feed additive boosts the antioxidant defenses of swine, better than vitamin E only

(news article this site 22-02-2017)

Alternatives for the antioxidant function of Vit E

An array of antioxidants can be found in nature besides vitamin E. Plant polyphenols have a similar structure as vitamin E, but their antioxidant capacity per gram can be substantially higher. Therefore, selected polyphenols can work as highly effective antioxidants in animal tissues. Feed additives, like Selko AOmix, have been developed specifically for this purpose, containing a blend of highly bioavailable polyphenols.

University of Ghent trial

In order to evaluate the antioxidant potential of Selko AOmix Trouw Nutrition set up a study in collaboration with Ghent University. During this study, nursery piglets were fed on one of three diets. Either a diet containing 1) National Research Council (NRC) recommended levels of vitamin E (11 ppm); 2) or a positive control of 80 ppm of vitamin E; 3) or 11 ppm vitamin E + Selko AOmix equivalent to 69 ppm for a total antioxidant capacity (equal to the positive control). After having time to adapt to these diets, the piglets were exposed to heat stress conditions (40°C for 24 hours).

About the product in the trial

Selko AOmix is an antioxidants mixture that can replace a part of the vitamin E content in feed. Selko AOmix is a mixture of specially selected polyphenols with a high anti oxidative effect, a high biological availability and a broad distribution spectrum that supports an optimal antioxidant state in the entire body of the animal. An optimal antioxidant status supports a good working immune system, fertility and a vital offspring.

Integrated approach Selko programmes

Swine field trial with water additive

(news article on this site 20-01-17)

A field trial in Europe showed a significant increase in the economic performance of a pig farm. The study proved the positive impact of adding a feed additive in the drinking water of the fattening pigs. Reducing the pH in the stomach with such an additive improves feed digestion and, with the rigth combination of organic acids, it helps to maintain a stable intestinal microbiota. In this trial, the increased average daily gain and daily feed intake resulted in an improved feed conversion ratio by 0.09 points.

About the trial

The trial was carried out on a farm with grower-finisher pigs. The animals had a starting weight of about 29 kg and were raised until they reached the slaughter weight. Half of the 1200 animals that were involved in the experiment received a Selko feed additive via the drinking water. During the trial the pigs were monitored on health conditions and animal performance.

Although the animals in the feed additive group had a lower starting weight compared to the control (28.8 Kg vs 29.6 Kg), they reached their slaughter weight 2 days sooner than the other group. The pigs receiving the feed additive also showed a 2,9% higher slaughter weight compared to the control. The reason for these results can be found in the 2,1% higher average daily feed intake and the 6,4% increase in average daily gain of the pigs taking the drinking additive, with an 0.09 points improved feed conversion ratio.

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