Selko® Optimin® organic trace minerals

The Selko Optimin range offers customers an effective source of organic trace minerals specifically for sows, breeders and pets.

OptiminĀ® organic trace minerals are bound to multiple oligo-peptides and amino acids rather than a single amino acid. The Optimin bond strength has been demonstrated to be higher than in other organic trace minerals. Optimin also has proven chelation stability at different pH levels and is therefore not as affected by the digestive tract environment.



Optimin chelated organic trace minerals have high bioavailability and maintain the healthy mineral status essential for optimal fertility. Over 50 trials validate the efficacy and performance-supporting traits of Optimin.

High quality ingredients and an excellent production process ensure that Optimin chelated organic trace minerals are easily absorbed by active transport. Active transport for mineral absorption lowers the chance of mineral deficiencies, oxidative stress or competition between minerals for absorption. Consequently, Optimin trace minerals can support performance of all production and companion animals at every stage of life. [read more]