OptiSize Large Particle Technology in Animal Nutrition

What Are Hydroxy Trace Minerals?

The Truth About Trace Minerals 

Traditionally, minerals have been categorised as either organic or inorganic, based on whether or not they had a carbon-containing ligand. A newly defined category of trace minerals, known as hydroxy trace minerals, has a unique OH group that is bonded covalently to the metal.

This is what differentiates hydroxy trace minerals from other organic or inorganic minerals.These “smart bonds” create minerals that avoid unwanted interactions, which can either oxidize or bind to other ingredients.

As a result, hydroxy trace minerals have an optimal efficacy that is on par with the best organic minerals at a price point that is far more cost-effective. The Selko® IntelliBond® line of products is the only line of hydroxy trace minerals available for use in animal feed.

Technology in Every Particle

Selko IntelliBond is developed with the patented OptiSizeTM Large Particle Technology.

Trace minerals created with this technology offer benefits that traditionally formulated trace minerals cannot. OptiSize Large Particle Technology is the best way to ensure trace minerals are evenly distributed in feed, making IntelliBond easier to handle and use.

Infographic benefits of OptiSize particles

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