Selko® IntelliBond® – Trace Mineral Animal Nutrition

Selko IntelliBond hydroxy trace minerals First Hydroxy Trace Mineral 

Selko® IntelliBond® is the first line of hydroxy trace minerals for use in animal feeds. Selko IntelliBond products have high bioavailability and low environmental impact. These animal trace minerals show excellent potency and efficacy.

Developped in the U.S., the succes of Selko IntelliBond has grown over 20 years. Now, integrated in Trouw Nutrition’s feed additives portfolio, it is part of our efforts to address global trends by providing to our clients innovative and sustainable solutions for animals.

What are hydroxy trace minerals and why do they work? Click here to find out

Key Characteristics That Make IntelliBond Unique

Stable | Superior handling | Bioavailability | Productivity 


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Key Selko IntelliBond characteristics

01. Highly stable, it doesn’t destroy or tie up essential nutrients in the feed

  • Vitamins          
  • Enzymes
  • Fats (lipids)      
  • Probiotics

02. Superior handling properties

  • Non-hygroscopic, no lumping for easy use, better mixability
  • Greater trace mineral concentration makes IntelliBond a more efficient product to formulate and feed.
  • Less inventory to store and fewer bags to handle 

03. Bioavailability & tolerance

  • Superior feed conversion
  • Superior weight gain and yield

04. Productivity / bio-efficacy

  • Increased bioavailability versus inorganics results in the delivery of significantly more trace mineral to the animal
  • Equivalent bioavailability versus the best performing organic trace minerals
  • IntelliBond trace minerals are approved for use in organic grown livestock

For the product information please have a look at the product of your interest

Selko IntelliBond C

Selko IntelliBond Z

Selko IntelliBond M

The best way to learn more, is to contact your local Selko IntelliBond supplier