IntelliOpt, precision mineral nutrition

Nutritional professionals are constantly searching for new technologies and nutritional concepts in feed additives. Concepts that can have a positive impact on animal health, performance and longevity, in order to maximize the genetic potential of their customers’ livestock and their bottom line. IntelliOpttm is an innovative species-specific trace mineral solution that has been created utilising our two strong mineral technologies, IntelliBond® (Hydroxy trace minerals) and Optimin® (Organic trace minerals) in a series of synergistic blends that have been carefully calibrated. Each blend is developed to consistently deliver an effective trace mineral combination, with a high level of bioavailability required for vital physiological functions of the animals delivering a clear return on investment. All species-specific blends are formulated, blended, and packaged at our proprietary facilities to ensure the highest level of accuracy, quality and consistency.

The strength of synergy, when 1 + 1 = 3

IntelliOpttm provides customers a unique precision trace mineral nutritional concept that is tailored to species-specific needs, including poultry, ruminants, swine and aqua solutions. The key advantage of all IntelliOpttm blends is the combination of both IntelliBond and Optimin in one convenient package to further improve animal performance during periods of high productivity and/or various environmental challenges. The synergy lies in the complimentary release profiles of the two technologies, allowing the animal to absorb trace minerals throughout the intestinal tract.

Benefits of IntelliOpttm

Accuracy & Consistency

Specie specific solution to deliver the right amount Trace minerals make up a very small part of your complete feed (0.05%) but play an extremely important role. Can be  accurately added in just one-step with IntelliOpt.

Efficacy: Creating value

Over 200 studies from around the world confirm the increased efficacy of IntelliBond and Optimin as key products with a major return on investment. IntelliOpt has been formulated by nutritional experts, who utilized the latest research in its development.

Convenience: all minerals in one bag

A major challenge can be the lack of consistency associated with hand weighing multiple individual micro ingredients. IntelliOpt can minimize this concern.

Sustainability Environmental-friendly by Precision Nutrition

Inconsistent quality and excessive amounts of inorganic trace minerals can mean losses in production and damage in animal’s health, having also a negative impact to environment. IntelliOpt is based on precision nutrition and guarantees the optimal level
of trace minerals in feed.

Return on Investment

Maximize profitability ensuring production IntelliOpt is the best choice to optimize animal performance, protect the environment and support your bottom line!


Specie specific solutions

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