Trace mineral nutrition

Animal performance is reliant on maintenance of healthy mineral status. Trace minerals are therefore an essential nutrient for production animals. The first signs of mineral deficiencies are loss of fertility, a dull coat, poor hoof and/or skin quality, and low stress resistance. Fertility is one of the most important parameters for animal performance and producer financial profit. Numerous metabolic processes affecting fertility are dependent on trace minerals. Enhancing egg-shell quality, laying rate and hatchability in poultry is influenced by multiple factors, including trace minerals. 

Trouw Nutrition now offers two types of trace minerals, each providing value along the feed to food chain with unique properties.

Selko IntelliBond copper and zinc minerals are available for production animals such as piglets, fattener pigs and broilers for optimum performance.

For sows, breeders and pets, the Selko Optimin range offers customers an effective source of organic trace minerals.