Fysal Solute

Fysal Solute Salmonella Swine

Fysal® Solute is an innovative solution from Trouw Nutrition that spotlights a novel feed product based on proprietary fungal-fermented rye. One of the main ingredients of Fysal® Solute can be found in nature: Agaricus subrufescens, a fungi specie, also called “sun mushroom”. This “sun mushroom” has been widely recognised for its health-promoting properties in humans and animal, including natural defence system modulation, prebiotic and antioxidant effects.

Our gut health strategy

Gut health strategy swine

Livestock and poultry production have changed dramatically over the last few decades, requiring farmers to increase the focus on animal health to be competitive. In particular, gut health offers key opportunities and challenges to ensure strong animal performance. Technical solutions such as precision feeding and functional feed additives can help significantly to maintain animal gut health and performance. The four pillars of our gut health strategy are designed to cover the main aspects of a healthy environment to support optimal animal performance, focusing on preventing bacterial intake, microbiota management, gut integrity and enhancing natural defence system. Selko® Swine Gut health programme is targeting antibiotic reduction, feed-to-food safety including Salmonella control (programme), and performance enhancement.

Fysal® Solute: maintaining health and securing food safety

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  1. Binds to Salmonella and E.coli 
  2. Generates a prebiotc effect
  3. Supports the natural defence system

Fysal® Solute, three synergistic modes of action that:

  • Reduce the multiplication of Enterobacteriaceae, such as Salmonella and E.coli in the gastrointestinal tract
  • Reduce Enterobacteriaceae excretion, contributing to maintaining a healthy environment in the farm
  • Support antimicrobial reduction strategies

The science behind it

Developed by experts at Trouw Nutrition R&D, we continuously plan and execute trials to evaluate the performance of Fysal® Solute product in the field.


Fysal® Solute reduces exposure to Salmonella in a commercial farm in the Netherlands  

A farm in the Netherlands was selected as the trial site due to its historical incidence of Salmonella and positive detection of antibodies against Salmonella at slaughter. The inclusion of Fysal® Solute in nursery and grower feeds throughout production significantly (p < 0.05) decreases the number of Salmonella-positive animals before slaughter.

Fysal Solute Salmonella Swine picture banner

Fysal Solute Salmonella Swine picture banner

Fysal® Solute positively modulates the natural defence system of weaned piglets  

This study was carried out at Murcia University in Spain. Blood and tissue samples were collected from control pigs after weaning and pigs with Fysal® Solute. This study analysed the gene expression of cytokines to evaluate the local defence response. The use of Fysal® Solute supported the modulation of the natural defence system of weaned piglets.

Fysal® Solute improves piglets’ weight and average daily gain in a nursery farm in Belgium

Post-weaning diarrhea is one of the major challenges in modern swine production. This trial was performed on a commercial nursery farm in Belgium to evaluate Fysal® Solute against an alternative phytobiotic. The use of Fysal® Solute in an already optimised nursery feed programme leads to increased growth performance.

Fysal Solute Salmonella Swine picture banner

Fysal® Solute: three ways to main health and food safety, sustainably

 Foodborne illness and antimicrobial resistance are two major concerns facing the food and feed industries, and we are supporting our customers in tackling both. As swine producers commit to delivering healthy and safe food while moving away from antimicrobials, they have to deal with Salmonella and Escherichia coli (E. coli), two pathogens commonly present on farms. Fysal Solute with its complete modes of action have helped animal producers deal with these challenges in a sustainable way. Read more about this case in Nutreco Sustainability Report 2019.

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