Swine gut health

Is it possible to be profitable without AGPs?

Pig intestinal health is critical to animal performance and there are many strategies to maintain good intestinal health and performance. In an antibiotic-free production system, strategies for optimal production are likely to be multi-factorial, addressing feed intake, digestion and growth rate. Combining water and feed applied additives, such as Selko®-pH and Presan®-FX, can improve growth performance in antibiotic-free production systems, by supporting optimal digestion and gut health.

We believe the answer is yes; and this is an example how performance was maintained in an antibiotic growth promoter free production system (article Pig Progress).

If you liked the article, take a minute to watch the video: This is how important we believe nutrition is for healthy animals

 Gut health animals animation

Which products support good gut health?

Presan-FX is a synergistic blend of a phenolic compound, slow release C12, target release butyrates, MCFAs and organic acids. It stabilises gut microbiota and may boost gut barrier integrity of pigs. This integrated approach is a powerful formula designed to improve animal performance and help maintain healthy pigs. [read more]


Selacid® Green Growth is a synergistic blend of free and buffered short-chain fatty acids combined with medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs), which effectively improves microbial balance in the gastrointestinal tract of pigs. This leads to better technical performance, by reducing stomach pH and supporting the natural barrier against bacteria in the stomach. The buffered organic acids and MCFAs in Selacid Green Growth help maintain stable intestinal microbiota, thereby giving piglets a good start.  [read more]

Water-applied Selko®-pH is a synergistic blend of free and buffered organic acids, which has a positive result on swine performance. By lowering the pH of drinking water, stomach pH is reduced more quickly after feed ingestion, thereby aiding digestion and strengthening the barrier function of the stomach. Selko-pH helps pigs maintain a stable intestinal microbiota balance. The buffered acids used in Selko-pH are a fundamental step towards healthy gut status. A buffered product can be applied in a more flexible dosage, as the pH-level of acidified water will not fall below 3.5 with regular tap water. A pH value of around 3.8 is optimal and, due to their buffered state, an important proportion of the acids will become available in the intestine, thereby improving microbial balance. [read more]



Selko dosing system

Selko offers dosing systems for applying Selko-pH to water supply systems. The required dosage is calculated by using titration curves and by customising Selko’s specialist advice to adapt to the premises’ water quality.