Reducing antibiotics in poultry production

Antimicrobial resistance to antibiotics is an emerging human health risk. Poultry integrators are an important part of the food chain and have a need for real solutions that can ensure animal health and productivity in a sustainable way. 

Take the next step with Natural Gut Health

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Supporting gut health naturally is a way to achieve profitable poultry performance, while reducing the use of antibiotics. 

How? By looking at the bigger picture. 

Trouw Nutrition's Feed Farm Health integrated approach takes all important factors of poultry production into account. Combining good farm management, feed management, and health management. 

For poultry, the Natural Gut Health Programme offers knowledge, services and products focussing on 5 areas. Every customer’s particular situation is analysed to find critical points and to come to the solution.

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More on the feed additives involved

Adding feed additives to animal feed supports the reduction of microorganisms and mycotoxins, and has a positive impact on gut health, thereby improving animal performance.

Combining a feed applied additive such as Presan®-FY with a water applied additive such as Selko®-pH supports gut health and improves performance. A stable and diverse microbiota is important for good digestion. Presan-FY improves microbial balance and diversity throughout the small intestine. It also improves the barrier integrity of gut wall cells.

Using this combination of additives gives the best results because it affects both the stomach and the more distal gut. Together they have been shown to maintain growth performance of poultry in an antibiotic growth promoter-free production system. 

Curious for more inspiring stories? Here is our article on how feed additives can become part of the strategy in an antibiotic-free production system (article in World Poultry).

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