Challenging climate conditions

In warm climates or under hot and/or humid conditions, poultry can show decreased performance because of reduced feed intake. Maintaining an optimal water balance or osmoregulation in animals  is essential for normal production in warm conditions.

TNIbetainĀ® affects osmoregulation because it stabilises cellular metabolism, by balancing water and salt concentrations within intestinal cells, protecting intracellular enzymes against inactivation and enhancing  the activity of the organism. TNIbetain is also an efficient methyl donor. Methyl groups are essential for many metabolic processes.

This additive helps enhance poultry performance through effective osmoregulation and efficient methyl donation, which normalise the metabolism and increase carcass yield. In short, TNIbetain enables the optimisation of feed costs, while helping maintain production efficiency and meat quality under conditions of heat stress. [read more]

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