Enhancing performance

Reaching optimal poultry performance requires considering all aspects of the production chain. Because all operations differ and have their own ways of working, the Trouw Nutrition team creates a solution together with the customer. They make strategies for feed, farm and health management to achieve long- term objectives, such as boosting animal health and performance in order to increase production efficiently.

Feed management
- Feed and raw material hygiene
- Feed formulation advice (NutriOpt®)

Farm management
- Staff training on optimal brooding management
- Specific attention to water management
- Improvement of farm hygiene/biosecurity

Health management
- Selko feed additives to support microbial balance and gut integrity
- Nutritional advice around vaccination programmes

Maintaining good gut health status helps to improve overall business performance. The Poultry Gut Health Programme brings together services, knowledge and products in a customised integrated approach. Every customer's particular situation is analysed to find critical points in the production process. Benefits are improved poultry gut health, decreased antibiotic use, reduced production cost and increased profitability.

Sharing knowledge

Providing services

Implementing products:

Selko® feed additives have a specific mode of action
  • Poultry production chain audit
  • Farm management consult
  • Precision-feeding system NutriOpt with advice on nutritional value, structure and feed presentation
  • ROI calculations
  • Poultry gut health scoring
  • Water analysis
  • Laboratory services
  • Dosing equipment

• Prevention of bacterial intake
• Digestion support
• Microbiota management
• Improvement of gut wall integrity


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