Poultry gut health

Poultry producers are an important part of the food chain and have a need for real solutions that can ensure animal health and productivity in a sustainable way.


Feed, Farm, Health: An integrated approach to reach your goals

To sustainably improve poultry performance or reduce the need for antibiotics, we have to take many factors into account: raw material management, feed safety, biosecurity and hygiene, water quality and health management.

We call it the integrated approach of (improving) feed, farm and health management. Looking at the particular situation per customer and designing customised solutions is our way to reach your goals.

It can be a long journey and it is impossible to do this alone. Trouw Nutrition has a rich network of global and local specialists that can help to optimise the production system at each level. It is a team effort.





What is your poultry production goal?

Reducing antibiotics

Enhancing performance 

Four ways to start supporting your poultry's gut health

Gut health challenges are an important threat to animal performance and can be managed with precision nutrition and feed additives. The combination of different products can improve poultry gut health significantly, preserving or enhancing productivity. While some additives work to support digestion and the natural barrier against Gram-negative bacteria, others improve the microbial balance throughout the small intestine, boosting gut barrier integrity. In short, the four ways to support gut health are:

1. Limit bacterial intake and support digestion
Feed safety solutions help prevent harmful microbiota or mycotoxins to enter the bird via the feed. Drinking water additives reduce the stomach pH, supporting digestion.

2. Microbiota management
Improving microbial balance throughout the small intestine with buffered organic acids and medium chain fatty acids reduces dysbacteriosis, improving otherwise impaired performance.

3. Supporting gut barrier integrity
Mycotoxins can effect gut integrity and cause small inflammations damaging the tight junctions. Damaged tight junctions lead to microbial imbalance. There are feed additives available that specifically support the healthy development of tight junctions.

4. Feed efficiency and supporting the immune system
Highly bioavailable hydroxy trace minerals are the best choice for sustainable poultry nutrition, reducing waste while boosting feed efficiency. Feed additives with immune modulating properties can support the normal gut health status during bacterial challenges.