Risk identifiation, assessment & evaluation

No time to waste

To ensure the safety of raw feed materials used and the final feed, producers need to know whether they contain any mycotoxins – and if so which, and in what quantities.

If any mycotoxins are found, it is essential to take effective action within hours. Therefore, taking days or even longer to receive lab analysis results is an expensive choice, as a truckload or silo full of feed materials will not wait. Managing imprecise information can lead to under or overtreatment, resulting in unnecessary high costs or bad feed quality, affecting animal performance.

Mycomaster brings the lab to the feed mill

The Mycomaster provides a reliable quantitative reading of the contamination levels in feed materials and compound feed. Mycomaster enables rapid, on-site, cost-effective and user-friendly analysis of six different mycotoxins: Zearalenone, Deoxynivalenol, Aflatoxins, Fumonisins, Ochratoxin and T2-HT2.
The Mycomaster can be connected to Trouw Nutrition's global data exchange system. This easy-to-use tool gives fast results and is cost-effective, which means that feed producers can analyse mycotoxins themselves.

Advantages of Mycomaster

  • Rapid mycotoxin analyses; ± 15 minutes
  • Cost-effective analyses
  • Easy-to-use; also outside a laboratory environment

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When mycotoxins are detected, the right mitigation strategy is advised with the connected NutriOpt Mycotoxin Adviser. One strategy can be to apply mycotoxin solution products, and the Mycomaster results can then serve to find the correct dosage of TOXO® feed additive.

NutriOpt Mycotoxin Adviser

Real-time calculation of mycotoxin risk
The NutriOpt Mycotoxin Adviser database contains over 15,000 mycotoxin analysis results of 40 different feed materials from Mycomasters connected in 6 continents. The Adviser gives recommendations on how to improve your feed formulation or your quality control programme.

Customised advice on feed formulation
The Adviser gives instantaneous and fully customised recommendations, based on the outcome of the risk calculation. Such advice can be implemented immediately and indicates whether the formulation should be optimised by adding a mycotoxin binder.

Optimised quality control
The Adviser gives advice on sampling frequency.
This advice is based on many real-time samples originating from all devices connected to the central database. Optimisation of the quality control programme can be started without delay.

Improved supplier management
The fact that analysis results are automatically and instantaneously uploaded to the database, making them accessible to everyone involved, makes it possible to reject or separate raw materials directly on receipt. This may result in lower purchasing or production costs, increasing your ROI.

  • Database is always up-to-date with global data
  • Data is confidential, anonymised and fully protected
  • Easy comparison for levels mycotoxins per region
  • Recommendations for final feeds

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