Mycotoxin Risk Management

Mycotoxins have a negative effect on feed quality and feed intake, and can eventually affect animal health. Managing the mycotoxin risk calls for an integrated approach. Timely analysing the mycotoxin prevalence. Comparing that to relevant data. Formulating an advice for feed formulation or mycotoxin binders to mitigate the risk.

Review the webinar 2017 Harvest Mycotoxin Analyses | An insight into mycotoxin mitigation strategies and tools by Trouw Nutrition

First results 2017 Harvest - Tips to manage the mycotoxin risk

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Speakers Pedro Ramos Caramona (Global Program Manager Mycotoxin Risk Management) and Ellen Van’t Veer (Product Manager – Masterlab) explain how a decision making tool can support feed producers.

The Trouw Nutrition Mycotoxin Risk Management Programme is based in three main strategies

  • Risk identification & assessment
  • Risk control
  • Risk control review

Bringing the lab to the sample with Mycomaster

Mould can develop in adverse weather conditions during growth. Another risk factor is damage during harvesting and storage. Finally, storage conditions can further influence the end quality of feed raw materials. This calls for accurate and timely measuring of mycotoxin prevalence.

Mycomaster is a fast and simple in-house analysis tool that measures mycotoxins in raw materials. The rapid reader gives a reliable indication of mycotoxin contamination. Since it is connected to a global database, the result can be instantly compared to regional relevant data.

Take fact-based decisions with the NutriOpt Mycotoxin Adviser

NutriOpt Mycotoxin Adviser is a decision-making tool that supports an early prediction of mycotoxin risk and gives advice on mycotoxin mitigation strategies. Combining the Mycomaster analysis with the data from the Adviser ensures the formulation of accurate advice. The tools together enable feed producers to adjust feed management strategies or decide to apply a toxin binder. In the end, it can help feed producers reduce the negative impact of mycotoxins.

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