Feed Yeast control

Silage preservation in cattle feed

Controlling the quality of mixer wagon rations is difficult. The presence of yeasts in the Total Mixed Ration (TMR) causes degradation of high digestible protein and sugars, which lowers the energy level in the ration, resulting in dry matter loss, heating of the TMR and decreased feed intake.

Selko®-TMR is a liquid product for cattle feed, based on a synergistic blend of organic acids specially developed to prevent the heating of TMR, by converting yeast, mould or enterobacteria. Selko-TMR ensures that feed stays fresh longer, maintaining its nutritional value and improving feed intake. [read more]


Liquid feed quality

Liquid feeding systems can be interesting for the pig industry because they reduce feed costs. Financial benefits are only achieved, however, if feed hygiene and microbial control are adequately taken into consideration. In recent years the trend has been to decrease the microbial quality of important raw materials, which indicates a need for the adequate preservation of these materials.

Selko®-BE+ is a synergistic blend of organic acids for controlling yeast development in liquid feeding systems for pigs. It controls yeasts, moulds and enterobacteria in by-products and liquid feeds to ensure feed safety and nutritional value over longer periods. [read more]


Microbial analysis and dosing advice 

After microbial feed analysis (yeast, moulds, enterobacteria), a dose-response analysis identifies the specific Selko preservation product required to preserve the shelf life of your feed. 

Selko® automatic dosing systems

Selko offers automatic batch-wide dosing systems for all feed preservation products. The systems are equipped with product-specific application nozzles. Spray nozzles ensure that feed additives are evenly distributed throughout the liquid feed, thereby enhancing preservation.