Food By-product Preservation

With the growing world population and scarcity of raw materials, treating by-products as a viable, nutritious source of energy for animals is gaining attention. However, multiple challenges can occur when preserving by-products, causing significant volumes to end up as landfill waste or in biogas production. As raw materials and final feeds need to provide stable nutritional levels, the demand for effective preservation of food by-products continues to increase.

Sustainable alternative

According to FAO, one-third – or 1.3 billion tons – of food produced is currently wasted and lost in the food chain. In addition to tremendous economic cost, this comes with significant environmental and energy costs. Reducing food waste is high on the agenda of FAO, governments and the food industry. Pressure is mounting to address the challenge of feeding an additional two billion people on this planet in a mere 30 more years. Sustainability goals and raw material scarcity trigger the food industry to seek alternative waste management solutions. Trouw Nutrition offers opportunities for the efficient use of resources and circular economy. An integrated approach of knowledge, services and products provide an effective solution in helping preserve the nutritional value of by-products that otherwise would end up as landfill waste to replace restrained natural resources used as feed ingredients that could otherwise supplement direct human nutrition. 

Applying effective solutions

Controlling levels of microorganisms such as yeast, mould and enterobacteria is of critical importance to meet GMP+ standards and enable farmers to use by-products. Providing effective preservation while maintaining nutritional value is key to utilise by-products in the most efficient way.  Trouw Nutrition offers extensive knowledge and analytical services to support food producers in determining the microbial pressure and define the most impactful treatment solutions. Revalet is Trouw Nutrition’s feed additive solution which can be applied in-line when by-products are leaving the production process, before entering the storage tanks. 


Dose response test  

Selko offers its knowledge in both process as well as nutritional optimal usage of your by-streams for the target species. We analyse your current process and process-steps in the management of your effluent with the target to achieve maximum value and give advice on the optimal preservation steps and the possibilities to assist you or your customers to include your stabilized stream into their feed-formulation.

Selko® automatic dosing systems

As Revalet has a high efficacy, the inclusion rate is low. This means that correct dosing and application of the product is vital for the highest possible effect. As part of the full solution, the installation of state-of-the-art dosing equipment is included. This allows for safe, accurate and effective application of Revalet which is fully automated and completely eliminates human error once settings are implemented correctly.   


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