Selko-pH is a synergistic blend of free and highly buffered organic acids. Selko-pH helps to sustain healthy animals with optimal performance, feed conversion ratio and weight gain. It is applied in drinking water and works in three steps. More


Optimin® minerals protect the value of your minerals (zinc, manganese, copper, iron, cobalt) as chelated trace minerals. Optimin has proven chelation stability at different pH levels. Optimin chelated minerals ‘Protects the value of your minerals’ against reactions with antagonists. This results in a balanced and optimal supply of trace minerals for your animals. More


Presan® is a synergistic blend of a phenolic compound, slow release C12, target release butyrate, MCFAs and organic acids. It may stabilise the gut microbiota and may boost the gut barrier integrity of pigs and poultry. This integrated approach is a powerful formula designed to improve animal performance in challenging conditions. More

About Selko

Selko® Feed Additives develops, manufactures and markets feed additives that provide benefits for feed producers and farmers. Selko specialises in the conservation of raw materials and feed products with blends of organic acids in a natural way, decreasing microbial contamination. Health products promote the development of a healthy gut micro-flora. The portfolio is completed by organic minerals, betaine and mycotoxin binders.  


Moisture retention for higher feed mill efficiency

Feed mill efficiency or process optimalisation is increasingly becoming one of the primary targets of animal feed production. Fylax® Forte and its surfactants premixed in water optimize the moisture content without sacrificing feed quality. Benefits usually seen include: inhibit mould, decrease of energy usage in the pelletizer, increase pellet quality, compensate the process loss in terms of moisture content in final feed ..etc. Click on the link for more information: Moisture retention for higher feed mill.pdf

Customer support

Selko customer support experts are based at Selko Feed Additives and at authorised distributors. They are specialised in each of the three product families, Preservation, Health, Nutrition, and are available to customers around the world. These experts can advise customers to ensure they maximise the benefits of our products to preserve the nutritional value of feed raw materials and feeds, in order for their livestock to make the most efficient use of the nutrients in their feed.

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